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Active district employees who are considering retirement should schedule a pre-retirement conference with either PERA or TRA (see contact information below) based on your current position. Once you have your retirement date finalized, please submit a letter of resignation/retirement to Human Resources with a copy to your supervisor/principal. Information on continuing insurance benefits will be mailed to your home from OneDigital. Contact Mary Gorman at 952 681-6444 if you have any questions. 

PERA offers retirement group counseling sessions periodically through the metro area.  Check back here for updated flyers.  If you wish to schedule an individual appointment with PERA, please call 651 296-7460.

MN State Retirement System (MSRS) Post Retirement Health Care Savings Plan (HCSP)

Public Employees Retirement Association (PERA)

Teacher Retirement Association (TRA)

The Value of Your Pension

Do you know that you have a pension? 

Check out this Pension video to see how the pension works, where the contributions are invested and  how you are saving for retirement.  

Minnesota Deferred Compensation Plan (MNDCPLAN) 457 Acccounts

Additional retirement accounts, called 457s, are available through the Minnesota State Retirement System (MSRS). Deposits are subject to FICA and Medicare withholdings, but are tax-deferred for Federal and State taxes. Go to the MSRS Deferred Compensation website for information and forms to set up your account. 

Medicare Supplements & Medicare D Creditable Coverage Notification

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