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Leave Process

Prior approval for leave is required anytime you are absent from work except for personal illness, dependent child illness (or other relative as allowed by state law) less than 4 days.

Short-term leaves are now requested through Skyward and do not require a paper leave form. District approved leave typically includes child's school activity, graduation, bereavement and wedding and will require you to include a comment to provide more information before the leave can be approved.

District approved leave is at the discretion of the district and is not allowed for recreation, absence of personal choice or purposes that could be conducted outside the workday. District approved leave may be paid or unpaid. Log in to your Skyward account and record the time indicating the reason. Please allow at least three days for your supervisor and Human Resources to approve. You will receive an email back once the time has been approved. 

For medical absences of more than four days, jury duty, year-long leaves, etc:

  1. Print the leave request form below or use the fillable form:

  2. Give the form to your principal/supervisor to sign. Once approved the form will be forwarded to Human Resources for district approval.
  3. Complete either WH-380E or WH-380F depending on the type of leave.

Required Forms - Medical related FMLA

Along with the District's Leave Request form, for medical related FMLA leaves staff should submit the appropriate Certification Form, found below, which is filled out by a physician and should be turned in with the District Leave Request form.

You will receive an email back once your leave request has been approved/denied. 

Be sure to record the absence on Skyward and Aesop if you need a sub. If you are a teacher and the leave is for more than 30 days, your long-call will be hired through Human Resources and you will indicate no sub needed. 
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