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“I just picked up the materials I sent over for BOTE to collate, staple and bundle. They were done perfectly. Please let your students know they did everything just the way I requested and it was perfect. Thank you. I couldn’t have done it all by myself. “ Lynn Schoonmaker

“You are WONDERFUL and an important asset to Bloomington Schools! Thank you so much for ALL that you do! It is very, very much appreciated! You do an absolutely wonderful job!” Erin Hanson

“I just want to acknowledge the fabulous work that was done by BOTE last year on behalf of all of the kindergarten teachers and students. The team created instructional materials that included creating binders by stuffing page protectors with student work pages, and collating them for student use. It was a tremendous time and money savings to have BOTE do this project for us. I highly recommend that you take advantage of this opportunity if you have a project that needs to be completed. Way to go BOTE staff and students-Best wishes for a great year!!!!” Lisa Grundstrom

“Thank you and your clients for the generous donation of shredded paper you have generated and delivered to us at the Animal Humane Society. It seems we never have enough paper to care for all the dogs. Much of the current paper is being used to care for the 59 dogs we have from the Texas hurricane relief efforts. It is appreciated.” Rick Riley, Golden Valley Humane society

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