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Student Conduct Guide


This guide was created to provide parents, students, and the general community with an easy-to-read, clearly understood summary of district policies and regulations pertaining to student conduct. This guide is a summary of district policies and is not intended to replace them. Policies and regulations are subject to revision during the course of the school year. For a copy of the actual district policy, contact the principal of any school or the Assistant Superintendent's Office at 952-681-6478.

The policies and regulations reviewed in this guide outline the expectations and consequences of behavior for Bloomington students. The ultimate goal is to promote a safe, orderly environment in which maximum learning can take place.

A school's climate has a pervasive effect on the kind and quality of learning that occurs. This climate is shaped by many factors, some of which are the nature and diversity of the student body, teaching staff, family, community, educational program, physical plant, and available resources. The ideal student behavior is demonstrated by self-discipline.


All students are entitled to learn and develop in a setting which promotes respect of self, others, and property. Proper positive discipline can result only from an environment which provides options and stresses student self-direction, decision making, and responsibility. Although this policy emphasizes the development of self-discipline, it is recognized that there are instances when it will be necessary to administer disciplinary measures. It is the position of Bloomington Public Schools that a fair and equitable district-wide student discipline policy will contribute to the quality of the student's educational experience.

The entire school district plays a role in creating a positive learning environment. The School Board is responsible for creating policies that promote a positive learning environment. The Superintendent establishes guidelines and directives to carry out these policies. Principals are responsible for disseminating information about discipline-related polices to students, parents, and interested community members. All district employees are expected to implement procedures consistent with discipline-related policies. 

Parents and guardians have a responsibility for the behavior of their children as determined by law and community practice. Parents are expected to work in partnership with the schools to help students develop self-discipline.

Students with disabilities may require special consideration. Refer directly to the district policy.

Click here for a list of misconduct and the minimum disciplinary actions associated with each. 

Student Rights

All students have the right to an education and the right to learn.

Student Responsibilities

(abbreviated list; see policy for full list)

  • To be aware of all school rules, regulations, policies and procedures, and to conduct themselves in accordance with them.
  • To follow federal, state, and local laws and district rules and regulations while on school property or attending school-sponsored activities.
  • To attend school daily, except when excused, and to be on time to all classes and school functions.
  • To assist school staff in maintaining a safe school and bus environment for all students.
  • To volunteer information in disciplinary cases should they have any knowledge relating to such cases.
  • To respect the school's property and property of others.
  • To dress and groom in a manner that meets common standards of decency and which is consistent with school district policy.
  • To refrain from indecent or obscene language.
  • To recognize and respect the rights of others.

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