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Bloomington Legislators

Minnesota House of Representatives

Representative Paul Rosenthal (DFL) 
District 49B


Representative Linda Slocum (DFL)
District 50A
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Representative Andrew Carlson (DFL)
District 50B
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Minnesota Senate

Senator Melisa Franzen (DFL) 
District 49

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Senator Melissa H. Wiklund (DFL) 
District 50
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Who represents you?

The City of Bloomington is comprised of three legislative districts for the House and two legislative districts for the Senate.

You can find the legislator representing your area through the Minnesota State Legislature's District Finder. Simply enter your zip code.

Contacting Your Representative

  • Clearly identify your topic in your email subject.
  • Include your home address so the legislator knows you are a constituent.
  • Use a specific, personal example to make your point come alive.
  • Address your legislator as "Dear Senator," or "Dear Representative."
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