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MP Bloomington 5-Star Research Process

Bloomington 5-Star-R Research Process:  

Under Construction

The Bloomington Media Directors have developed the 5-Star-R Research Process based on the Information and Technology Literacy Standards established by the Minnesota Educational Media Organization (MEMO).

Components of the 5-Star-R Research Process



Grades K-2

-Benchmarks & Skills
-K-5 Wiki

Grades 3-5

-K-5 Wiki

Grades 6-8

Grades 9-12

Research Resources

-COWS poster
-CROPS poster
-5 Star Poster
-K-2 note cards
-Grade 3-5 note cards
-Google notetaking: Choose the Notetaking Template in the Gallery and Make A Copy

Essential Questions: Making Research Meaningful
Research in the 21st Century: Survey of College Students - Spring 2007

For more information, contact Mary Klempke, Bloomington Media Specialist.


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