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Professional Development Fund (PDF)

The Professional Development Fund (PDF) is a sum of money available for professional development for all Bloomington teachers. The goals of the PDF are
  • to provide opportunities for teachers to continue their professional development.
  • to provide time and support for teachers to improve student learning.
  • to foster sharing and collaboration.
  • to create new models of instruction.
PDF Committee:
Jennie Berglund, OGMS - Co-chair
Evan Ziegler, VVMS - Co-chair
Dave Mousel, JHS
Tim Suzuki, Q-Comp Coach
Kit Lowen, IM
Wendy Marczak, RV and BFT President

How to Apply for a PDF Grant

Complete the online application. Once submitted, it will automatically be placed in the PDF conference. You will receive a confirmation email.

PDF Application (apply online)

Summer Writing Application

If subs are needed, apply to your site staff development committee for funding for subs using your site Staff Development Request form.

Submit your online application no later than a day before the next PDF committee meeting. PDF will not approve retro experiences.

2019-20 PDF Committee Meetings:
9/30, 10/30, 12/6, 1/29, 2/28, 3/31, 4/29, 5/21

If your application is approved and you need PDF to directly pay for any part of the experience, submit a check request form. If your experience is approved and you plan to pay and then get reimbursed, fill out an employee expense form and attach it to your original receipts. Send forms to Evan Ziegler at VVMS.

Employee Expense Form

Mileage reimbursement form

Check Request Form

If your application for a writing project was approved and you are requesting payment for the hours you worked, fill out a Group Temporary Assignment form. Send them to Evan Ziegler at VVMS.



Frequently Asked Questions about PDF

Workshops, conferences, curriculum writing, site visits. Any professional activity germaine to your current teaching assignment is eligible for consideration.

Yes, but preference is given to applications that are for local opportunities. Applicants who do want to attend an out of state event should explain why this experience is unique and not available in MInnesota.
Applicants should request funds from their site Staff Development committee first to cover the cost of subs. If the request is denied, the applicant should state this on the form and add the cost of the sub to their total. A reserve teacher costs $125 per day.
PDF covers member rates only. If the applicant is not a member of the group they should pay to become a member or cover the difference in rates.
PDF does not limit the number of people that can attend a metro area conference, but does limit the number of people for out-of-state conferences. There also may be a limit of available reserve teachers.
Any request that relates to your personal professional growth will be considered.


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