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CT Program

Curriculum Technology advocates (CTs) are identified in each building as those teachers possessing a strong technology background, leadership skills, a commitment to implementing the district's technology plan and a desire to work collaboratively with other classroom teachers in effectively integrating technology with district curriculum. The focus of the CT program is on the relevant and effective utilization of technology to aid teachers in their instruction and students in their learning. The CT is crucial to ensuring that teachers can more effectively support the 21st-century learning needs of our students.

CT Responsibilities - Professional Commitment

  • Participation - Participate in district CT meetings and professional development.
  • Knowledge - Have working knowledge of technology related to building goals and evidence-based practices in effective integration.
  • Professional Growth - Actively seek continued professional growth.


  • Professional Development - Provide support to classroom teachers through activities such as modeling lessons and co-teaching.
  • Tool and Resources - Assist teachers in selection of appropriate tools and resources for integrating technology into their classrooms.
  • Consultation - Serve as a resource person and sounding board for classroom teachers for integrating technology into their classrooms.
  • New Teachers - Assist teachers, especially new ones, with evidence-based teaching strategies for integrating technology.
  • Rapport - Develop professional rapport with teachers.

Building Resource

  • Goals - Work with Admin and Media/Technology team to develop and implement school-wide technology goals.
  • Building Professional Development - Work with school professional development committee to develop and implement training for all staff as needed.
  • Resource Person - Serve as technology integration resource person at school.
  • Assessment - Assess technology and training needs and interpret results with Admin and Media/Technology team.


Digital Learning Coordinators

Karen Qualey

Holly Skadsem

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