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Enrollment Process

Welcome to Bloomington Public Schools!

Families enrolling students who are new to Bloomington Public Schools will enroll through the online enrollment system. Please help us serve you better by using this enrollment checklist to prepare for the online enrollment process and collect the documents necessary for enrolled your student. 

Online Enrollment - Click here to get started!

For assistance with student enrollment, contact your child's school.

If you are already enrolled in Bloomington Public Schools but wish to transfer to a different school within the district, you do not need to complete the online enrollment process; please visit our In-District Transfer page

Step 1: School Locations

Every child residing in Bloomington has a neighborhood school.* Each neighborhood school has an attendance boundary. Generally, all students who live within the attendance boundary may attend the school. To identify your neighborhood school, visit the School Locator.

*Preschool programs do not have attendance areas. Families enrolling in preschool should contact the Pond Family Center at 952-681-6200.

Step 2: School Profiles

Once you've determined the neighborhood school in your attendance area, explore the school's website. Schools are listed in the purple "Our Schools" banner at the top-right corner of the page.

Step 3: Enroll

Intradistrict Transfer

Families interested in enrolling a student in a school other than their neighborhood boundary school should follow the Intradistrict Transfer request process.

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