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Balanced Tech Choices

Bloomington Public Schools believes there is value in the balanced use of technology in the classroom and beyond. We are committed to helping students, staff and families make choices that maximize the positive and minimize the negative impacts of technology.

The Balanced Tech Choices plan includes: 

  • Establishing media standards and lessons on Digital Citizenship.

  • Teaching healthy tech habits and providing opportunities for students to reflect on technology in their lives.

  • Helping families make informed choices about technology use at home.

  • Providing a tool for families to create clear expectations and routines about technology use at home.

  • Providing families with resources and school contacts when misuse is a concern.

  • Sharing monthly Family Tech Tips.

  • Offering face-to-face engagement opportunities for families.

  • Helping staff use a balanced approach to technology while providing student-centered learning opportunities.

  • Providing teachers with tips for digital distraction and classroom management.

Learn about the goals and full action plan here

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