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District Committees and Advisory Councils

Bloomington Public Schools offers parents and community members many opportunities to serve on committees and advisory councils. We welcome the input and involvement of our community in our decision-making processes around our District, schools and programs.

Parents and community members interested in joining one of the following committees can fill out this form.

Your response will be routed to the appropriate committee for consideration. Please note that each group has its own process for considering and accepting new members.

Bloomington Advocacy Council

The Bloomington Advocacy Council (BAC) collaborates with and advises the School Board on a legislative matters and advocates for district issues.

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Calendar Committee

The Calendar Committee develops and reviews calendar options, collects feedback and makes a recommendation on which calendar would best meet the needs of Bloomington students for the following school year.

Community Collaborative Council (CCC)

The Community Collaboration Council assists in developing integration goals and identifies ways to increase opportunities for racial and economic integration.

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Community Education Advisory Council (CEAC)

The Community Education Advisory Council (CEAC) allows for the active involvement of citizens, agencies and institutions in determining and addressing community needs.

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Community Financial Advisory Committee (CFAC)

The committee consists of Bloomington Business leaders and meets to review school district financial statements and provide advice to the School Board and Finance Department regarding financial issues and emerging industry trends.

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District Diversity Advisory Committee (DDAC)

The District Diversity Advisory Council is responsible for            advising the superintendent/designee in all matters concerning diversity and inclusion. The District Diversity Advisory Council provides information to the administration regarding any policy, program, or activity that deals with diversity or inclusion.

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Early Childhood Parent Advisory Council (ECPAC)

The Parent Advisory Council advises the district on a variety of issues affecting parents of young children, including policy, fees, programming, how money is spent, and what events are important to families. The Council sponsors a variety of fun events for young families.

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Paraprofessional Advisory Committee

The Paraprofessional advisory committee addresses the needs of all district general and special education paraprofessionals. The committee helps plan professional development opportunities and provides ongoing support to paraprofessionals. 

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Pathways Advisory Committee (PAC)

The Pathways Advisory Committee (PAC) is a School Board appointed committee charged with reviewing the curriculum process, evaluation results and district instructional plans. PAC ensures active community participation in all phases of planning and improving instruction and curriculum. It also pursues community input and support to accelerate the academic and native literacy and achievement of English learners with varied needs, from young children to adults.

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Special Education Community Advisory Council (SECAC)

SECAC advises the Director of Student Services regarding current issues, program development, parental concerns and involvement, departmental priorities.

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Wellness Committee

The Wellness Committee is committed to developing lifelong wellness habits in our students. Comprised of teachers, parents and community members, the goal of the Wellness Committee is to assist schools and parents in strengthening healthy practices and promoting students’ health and well-being.

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