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Type III School Bus Program

All Type III drivers must be trained and currently certified in the use and safe operation of the Bloomington Public Schools Type III vehicles (vans).

Certification Instructions for Type III Bus Program

  1. Print out the Driver Application.
  2. Complete Part A and Part B of the Driver Application. Both Part A and Part B must be completed.
  3. Click here to complete the required online classroom portion and take your quiz. You will be emailed your results and certificate within 2 days.

  4. Send a copy of your certificate and your completed application to Transportation via email at, interoffice mail, or fax (952-861-6301).

  5. We will contact you via your district email to schedule your behind-the-wheel training.

Training Information

  • Behind-the-wheel training at the Transportation Center will take approximately 1 hour.

  • Please bring your own van and your drivers license with you for training.

Training Times

  • Regular school days, by appointment only
    • Monday - Friday, 9:30 to 11:30 a.m.
  • Other Transportation work days (school breaks, conference/workshop days, summer) by appointment only, during regular district hours.

Tips to Remember

  • To avoid a delay in being cleared for training, please fill the application out entirely.

  • Send the application and certificate together.
  • If you have any questions, please contact Marcia Simonson at 952-681-6330 or

Van Forms

A pre-trip calendar for the current month must be kept in each van. Please send all calendars to Transportation via interoffice mail for permanent record keeping.

Please report monthly mileage (Type III Trip/Mileage Log) to the Fleet Coordinator Tom Gut or Lead Mechanic Curt Naumann

Van Contact List

Actual seating capacity is limited to the number of properly working seat belts. Type III school buses must never exceed 7 passengers, including the driver.

BTC20Robin Bloom681-6210
BTC50Robin Bloom681-6210
BTC51Robin Bloom681-6210
Jefferson52Lisa Clark806-7614
Jefferson53Stephanie Kasel806-7627
Jefferson54Julie Hendricks806-7664
BTC55Robin Bloom681-6210
Transportation56Training Dept681-6330
Kennedy57Cary Askvig681-5015
Kennedy58Cary Askvig681-5015
Valley View59Heather Simmons681-5703
OMS/Pause60Todd Johnson806-8722
Kennedy61Michelle Stans681-5133
BTC62Robin Bloom681-6210
Desegregation63Alejandra Gutierrez-Navarro681-6420
Desegregation64Alejandra Gutierrez-Navarro681-6420
Transportation99Training Dept681-6330


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